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About us

First Class Logistics History

First Class Logistics was founded in 2010 by John Nieroda. With John's 25 years of experience in the trucking industry, he has successfully grown FCL into what it is today.

FCL has two locations, Boston, MA and Hartford, CT.  We run full trucks out of both locations daily.  There isn't anything we can't handle.

FCL revolves around the customer.  We will do what it takes to make sure the process is smooth and easy.  Our company thrives off the latest technology to ensure the customer receives the highest service standards! 
Our warehouse receives in new copiers and assembles them for delivery.  Please email us today to inquire.

Satellite Communication

Each of our offices and every driver are equipped with cellular devices, ensuring that, regaurless of circumstances, communication will never be lost.  Our online system allows every driver to be constantly updated.  Once a driver reaches a location he is able to collect a digital signature upon delivery and receipt of cargo.  An email will be generated automatically to you and the customer updating you as to where your cargo is.  We ensure your cargo reaches its destination and you can reach us.

Transportation Network

Our drivers often travel one way or multi-leg routes.  Our transportation network service ensures that drivers are never away from home for long.  Drivers can tag team routes, catch a ride home with another driver, or run complimentary routes to make round trips.

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